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Air conditioner Daikin nexura FVXG25K / RXG25L nexura (8.535-11.605 btu / h) floor inverter

Code: 2018297

Air-conditioned floor unit with radiant heat panel.

Nexura makes your world comfortable. The dew of a summer breeze or the warmth of an extra source of heat brings a sense of well-being to the place where you live all year round. Its distinctive yet stylish design with an extra-warm facade, low noise level and reduced airflow turn your room into a shelter!


Unique Inverter Technology.
Energy efficient units: Energy class A in all models.
The front panel of the indoor unit emits extra heat to give you more comfort on cold days.
Quiet operation: up to 19dBA sound pressure level.
The very comfortable vertical movement of the blinds ensures operation without air drafts and prevents the ceiling from getting dirty.
Weekly timer, which can be set to start cooling or heating anytime, on a daily or weekly basis.
Ideal for placement under a window.
ECONO reduces electricity consumption, allowing other power-consuming appliances to be used.
Night mode saves energy by preventing overcooling or heating overnight.
You can select the powerful mode for quick cooling or heating.
Titanium-coated titanium air purifying filter, which absorbs the tiny particles, decomposes the odors and neutralizes the bacteria and viruses.
It can be placed on the wall or in a recess.

Yield: minimum-nominal-maximum: 1,3-2,5-3,0 kW

EER: 4,55 - EEL Category: A

Noise level:

Inside: [Low-Low-Medium-High]: 23 -26-32-38 dB (A)

Outer: 46 dB (A)


Yield: minimum-nominal-maximum: 1,3-3,4-4,5 KW

COP: 4,36 - EEL class: A

Noise level:

Indoor: [Low-Low-Medium-High]: 23 - 26 - 32 -38 dB (A) Outside: 47dB (A)

Annual energy consumption: 275 kWh

Indoor unit:

Dimensions (H / W / B): 600 X 950 X 215 mm

Weight: 22 Kg

Outdoor unit:

Dimensions (H / W / B): 550 X 828 X 285 mm

Weight: 34 Kg

Ex. Piping

Diameter: Liquid / Gas mm (in) 6.35 / 9.52

1,330.00 €

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