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CH - Chillers

Κωδ.: 20180036
  • Chassis: open frame or fitted with weatherproof housing.
  • Compressor: hermetic, semi-hermetic, scroll, screw, also available with built-in oil separator.
  • Evaporators: tube in tube, plate exchanger or shell and tube.
    Fluids cooled: fresh water, sea water, low-temperature refrigeration solutions (glycol, calcium chloride, etc.).
  • Gas circuits: one or more, also with more than one compressor for each circuit.
  • Mechanical thermal expansion valve or, for circuits with more compressors and variable capacity, electronic expansion valve.
  • Built-in or remote air-cooled condenser, water-cooled condenser.
  • Refrigerants: R404A or R507A, R407C, R134A.
  • Hydraulic components: chillers can be equipped with built-in circulation pump, differential pressure switch, expansion vessel, shut off valve.

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