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Product Description
The Zanotti GM Mono-Block MGM10326E is a cooling unit that is recommended for cold rooms up to 6,9 m³. It is suitable for medium sized cold rooms, wine cellars and cold rooms where you want to keep a temperature of -5 ° 10 ° C.

Zanotti GM Mono-Block MGM10326E - Easy to install
The cooling unit is easy to install. The Zanotti GM Mono-Block MGM10326E is a block of units where all are assembled into one unit. The unit is mounted through the wall of the cooling chamber to the side of the evaporator in the interior and the side of the condenser outside the cold room.

A factory with Zanotti GM Mono-Block consists of:

A condenser / evaporator unit mounted through a cold room wall in a room with good ventilation.
Control panel placed in a suitable place for controlling and setting up the plant.

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